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About the Artist


Years later Marie formed her own company, LMG Models international. The company provided numerous services to the entertainment industry. LMG was primarily a modeling and casting agency. Marie was the managing director and the senior model agent in the company, she was also the casting, creative and shooting director. She worked in the capacity at times as makeup artist and stylist. Marie has worked on projects as both agent and casting director such as the 2007 World Cup Cricket, Shaggy music video, and as a talent agent for the Mr. Motivator physical fitness video. She has taken part in many projects. 


In recent years Marie has traveled the world exploring different cultures and dedicated her life to her passion art. For many years as an Art Gallery Director, she expressed herself by helping others to explore the world of art. Today she "expresses" herself" through her multifaceted mix media and oil painting.


"Art is the greatest statement of the imagination"! 


She has also worked in entertainment and television in a multifaceted capacity: as Television Host, Marketing / Sales Manager and Graphic Designer, “Raceway” television series as co-producer.


Marie Garcia has been working as a fine artist/freelance designer over the past 17 years has designed high impact visually arresting, stimulating, diverse illustrations and commercial designs for major companies. She worked on campaigns such as; Johnson & Johnson, Clean & Clear, Sherwin Williams, Tropic Cool to name a few. Marie started her career as a designer at PKC Advertising, 




My work explores deep emotions, I am multifaceted in my technique and most of the time each painting explores a different emotion as a subject matter. I do believe my work is like an echo of my emotions. My interest is vast and I am extremely influenced by nature and all the cultures I have explored through traveling the world. As a designer, my work at times has strong minimalistic elements. I am greatly influenced by "Art Deco and Contemporary architecture" as well as design, media, asymmetrical balance, reflection, and Music.





Music is one of the greatest influence reflected within my work! Most of the time when I am painting I transit to sounds such as Franz Liszt, Adele, Bon Jovi and Enigma. My early works back in college voiced social commentary. I have always been deeply touched and moved by the etchings of Francisco de Goya, especially the Los caprichos. I do believe "Art is the greatest statement of the imagination, and that a thing of beauty is a joy forever. In my work, I try to express depth through color and diagonal geometry! As a child, I was always fascinated by the works of artist such as Pablo Picasso, Edvard Munchs, and Marc Chagall. 




I agree with Berthe Morisot when he said, “It is important to express oneself...provided the feelings are real and are taken from your own experience.” 


“Life is like a Canvas, I live my life to paint”!